Eminent Domain Attorneys

Eminent Domain Attorneys

If the government takes your property for public use, you have the constitutional right to a fair and just compensation.

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Eminent Domain/Land Condemnation is when the government takes your private real estate for a public use such as:

  • Expansion Of State and/or County Parks or Projects
  • Expansion Of Airport Facilities
  • Railways
  • Public Buildings
  • Highways, Bridges, Bypasses, and Roads
  • Expansion Of Sewer Lines and Sewer Plants
  • Projects Related To Reservoirs, Water Retention or Pipelines
  • Other Various Public Uses That Benefit The Public

The government appraisal will generally assess your property with a low value. You have the right to challenge that valuation and get just compensation for your real estate through settlement, mediation, or court.

The attorneys at Tippens & Zurosky work on a contingency fee contract in eminent domain/land condemnation cases, taking a percentage of what we recover over what the government has offered you for your land.

If you receive a notice that the government is going to take your real estate, you may not be able to stop the process, but you do have the right to get fair market value for your property.

So call Tippens & Zurosky for a free consultation or send us an inquiry through this website. We will be more than happy to help you protect your constitutional rights and get fair compensation for your property.