Hurt In a Fight On The Job? Can You Claim Workers Comp?

Is a Fight on the Job Workers’ Compensation?

Many people have been in a work situation where they had the overwhelming desire to strike a co-worker in the face.  But, if you did hit your co-worker, and they flew over a table and fractured their wrist when they landed on the concrete, can they file workers’ compensation?  The rule is if one employee hurts a fellow employee because of a disagreement in how the job is being done then the hurt employee’s injuries are compensable under workers’ compensation.  For example, if two employees are having a rather heated conversation about how to best stack boxes so that their supervisor will not yell at them for doing it the wrong way, and one employee hits  another with a heavy box and injures them, those injuries are compensable.


However, if one worker strikes another the other solely from anger, revenge, hatred, or sheer vindictiveness and is not doing so as an incidence of employment, it is not compensable.  For example, one employee was in the habit of insulting another’s favorite aunt, and finally to avenge the aunt’s good name, the good nephew punches his co-worker in the nose to shut him up for good.  Another common situation is romantic rivals getting into it because of the discovery of that new personal relationship, and the one that lost out on the affection takes out his, or her, aggression on the one now getting the affection.  Just because the job site was the place where the fight occurred, it does not make it a compensable worker’s compensation case.

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