My Job Won’t File My Workers’ Compensation

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If you are hurt on the job, and your case is accepted by your self-insured company, or your company’s workers’ compensation carrier, your company, or their workers’ compensation insurance company, is responsible for taking care of your medicals bills, paying your time out of work if you are written out of work, and a settlement for a permanent injury.  But, sometimes an injured employees’ manager, or supervisor doesn’t want to report the claim to their workers’ compensation insurance company.  Now, just why would your boss, or supervisor make things difficult for you?  Because your manager, or boss believes, or has been made to believe, that your workers’ compensation claim is going to have a negative effect on them!

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So, what should you do if your employer won’t report your injury?

Unfortunately, there are those employers that do tie in supervisor’s compensation on the amount of workers’ compensation accidents that occur on their shift.  So, if you are hurt on the job and go to report it to your supervisor, they may see you as the one literally taking money out of their pockets, when all you are trying to do is get to see a doctor because you got hurt on the job.  Some employers also use the amount of workers’ compensation claims that happen on a supervisor’s watch, when looking at performance evaluations, area budgets, and that particular supervisor’s continued employment.  Thus, it is not a surprise that some company supervisors do anything they can to prevent injured workers from filing workers’ compensation claims, such as being unable to “find” any accident reports, saying they simply aren’t sure how to report a workers’ compensation injury, or defer to one of their supervisors.

If you run into these roadblock managers, you can certainly call one of their supervisors to report the claim.  You can also email, text, or even write a written note to document that you got hurt on the job.  Again, if your company will not provide medical care for you, seek the medical care you need for your on the job injury, making sure to tell the medical provider that you got hurt on the job!

Workers’ compensation claims can be quite frustrating without your manager, or supervisor trying to sabotage your case!  You need someone to look out for you, so call Tippens & Zurosky, so we can be your voice, answer all of your questions, and file your claim!  Tippens & Zurosky has knowledgeable, experienced attorneys certified in North Carolina and South Carolina, who can fight for your rights


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