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I Don’t Have Time To See a Doctor

Charlotte Injury Attorney
Often, when someone is in a car accident they feel overwhelmed by the pain from their injury, the loss of their car that was either totaled, or in the auto body repair shop for weeks, and the absolute disruption of their routine. Sometimes people injured in car accidents, although hurt and in pain, do not get any medical treatment, or…

What Should You Do If You’re Involved In An Car Accident?

Car Accident attorney charoltte
Be Prepared for the Unexpected   Most people wake up every morning focused on getting their children off to school, and themselves off to work.  The basics of life are putting food on the table, and keeping a roof over our heads.  We do not get the benefit of knowing what life has in store for us.  We don’t get…

What Should You Do If You’re Hurt On The Job?

Charlotte Construction Accident Attorney
Workers’ Compensation and Your Rights In North and South Carolina The last thing most folks think about when they go to work on any given day is that they will get hurt on that job.  But, what should you do, if you do get hurt on the job? There are many different types of workers' compensation claims. An injury by…

Honesty Is the Best Policy In Workers Compensation Cases

workers compensation attorney charlotte
Most folks growing up had the experience where they heard from their parents, teachers, pastors, or coaches that honesty is the best policy.  That same time tested maxim applies to workers’ compensation claims as well. Of course, if you are injured on the job you need to immediately report the injury and make sure your supervisor or manager does a…