I Slipped And Fell On My Job

Are falls on the job workers’ comp

In general, if you slip and fall and get hurt at the job it is considered to be a workers’ compensation claim.  However, there are certain situations where a fall on the job is not considered to be a workers’ compensation case.  If a fall occurs, when the employee’s leg gave out in an unexplained manner, that injury has been found not to be a workers’ compensation claim.  If you had a fall because you suffered an epileptic seizure, that also will not be considered workers’ compensation because the seizure was not related to your job.  Also, if you slip and fall and you are not physically on your employer’s property, or you slip and fall when you are not performing your job duties, or a task outside of your job duties that benefits your employer, that is not going to be considered a workers’ compensation case either.  These situations are different from a case where a person is reaching overhead as part of their job duties, and loses their balance, falls, and gets injured.  This fall would be compensable, barring any other unrelated cause such as dizzy spells, seizures, or a heart attack.

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Falls On The Job – Are They Workers’ Compensation Cases?

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Tippens & Zurosky makes visits to homes, businesses, and hospitals, and our attorneys are also available to meet with clients on weekends.

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Our attorneys are very hands-on and are available to answer client questions along with our well-trained and friendly staff.