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Electric Scooter Accident Attorneys in Charlotte


scooter accident attorney charlotteIf you are walking, or driving in Charlotte, you have most likely seen folks zipping along on electronic scooters.  The companies behind the electric scooters trumpet them as being good for the environment, and a great alternative method of transportation to bicycles, or automobiles.  However, electric scooters are capable of becoming a danger to the riders, pedestrians, and bicyclists. Unfortunately, there are a whole variety of ways that an individual can be hurt while riding an electric scooter, or simply walking nearby an electric scooter.  

Common Causes of E-Scooter Accidents

  1. Driving Too Fast For Conditions
  2. Inattention to the Roadway
  3. Unsupervised Minors Operating the Scooter
  4. Failing to Yield the Right of Way
  5. Failing to Stop
  6. Running Red Lights, or Stop Signs
  7. Drunk Driving
  8. Reckless Driving
  9. Using Scooters in Banned Areas
  10. More Than One Person Riding on the Scooter
  11. Negligently Secured Scooters in Scooter Charging Vehicles

An electric scooter operator may also be injured by negligent maintenance of the electric scooter they are operating.  A person operating an electric scooter may be hurt by getting into an accident with an electric scooter that has a stuck throttle, flat tire, failure of brakes, sudden loss of battery power, defective handlebars, defective locking of wheels, and catastrophic failure of the scooter baseboard.  With an equipment failure, the electric scooter operator may swerve into a pedestrian, or traffic causing further injuries to themselves, and other innocent parties.

An electric scooter operator obviously has no protection around them when they are struck by a motor vehicle.  Thus, injuries suffered by an electric scooter operator can be quite severe, including broken bones, road rash, traumatic head injuries, abrasions, loss of limbs, and nerve damage.  Recovering from these injuries is usually a rather lengthy process with the injured electric scooter operator needing significant therapies, treatment, doctor visits, and emotional support.  Quite often electric scooter operators that are injured in a collision with a motor vehicle miss significant time from work, and incur other incidental expenses.

Why Should I Call Tippens & Zurosky If I Have an Electric Scooter Accident

  1. We Can Gather Evidence:  It is vital to get out to the accident scene, and document skid marks, and other physical evidence.  Also, we can get the statements, and contact information from all witnesses to your accident. Memories fade over time, so getting the information we need to advance your case is imperative.
  2.  We Can Bring in the Experts:  Having a trained accident reconstructionist look at the accident scene as soon as possible after it happens, can be crucial to your case, if there is a question about how the accident happened, or denial of liability.
  3. We Can Help Coordinate Medical Care:  Often, people injured in electric scooter accidents are worried, or unsure of what to do in terms of seeking medical care.  We can help get you through the process, and even refer you to a physician. 

Tippens & Zurosky has represented people involved in electric scooter, and other motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina and South Carolina for over twenty years.  Let us help you deal with the unexpected, and get your life back on track. Call us toll free at (877) 372-3580, or 704-343-0018 to schedule a consultation so that we may assist you.