I Was Hit By An Uninsured Driver – Now What?

I Was Hit By An Uninsured Driver – Now What?

It is bad enough to get into an automobile accident that is not your fault, and then you find out that the other at-fault driver had no valid automobile liability insurance.  Unfortunately, uninsured drivers are more common than you would think as over the years the percentage of uninsured drivers has varied from ten to fifteen percent of all drivers on the road.  When you consider the total number of people driving around the United States, and specifically North Carolina and South Carolina, the number of uninsured drivers nationwide is in the millions.  North Carolina and South Carolina both require that automobile owners have liability automobile insurance. Unfortunately, some people just get liability insurance for the express purpose of getting their vehicle legally registered, and then either cancel the policy, or stop paying the premiums, which also invalidates the policy. If the economy is not doing well, and people are stressed for money, not paying expensive car insurance is one of the first things people will do to keep the lights on and a roof over their heads.

If you are hit by an uninsured driver, your uninsured motorist steps into the place of the absent liability insurance company of the at-fault driver.  You might think that your insurance company is going to bend over backwards to help you navigate your uninsured claim.  But, as has been discussed previously, your insurance company is in the business of making money.  How much money they make is simply the difference between the amount of premiums they collect, and the amount of claims that they pay out on.  And, that includes your uninsured claim!

It is normal to think that because you are dealing with your own insurance company that they will treat you fairly, or even better than any other claimant.  But in actuality, your uninsured motorist claim is treated by your insurance company just like any other claim.  You have to prove your case to your uninsured automobile insurance company just like you would if you were dealing with the at-fault drivers’ automobile liability insurance company.

What Should You Do If You Are Hit By An Uninsured Driver?

Call the police immediately so an accident report is generated, showing the other driver was at fault.  Just because you are dealing with your own insurance company, doesn’t mean they are just going to take your word for it.  They are going to investigate it, and determine fault on their own.

Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible.  Often insurance companies do not move at the speed that people would like them to move, so the earlier the process is started the better.

Make sure you see a doctor, or other medical professional, immediately.  Again, the longer you delay seeking medical treatment, the more your insurance company will hold that against you in assessing your damages.  The other danger in delaying medical treatment is that the longer the gap is between seeing the doctor, and the date of the accident, sometimes the less able, or less likely, your medical professional is to relate what is going on with you to the motor vehicle accident in question.

Get a property damage estimate as soon as possible, so that you know the amount your insurance company is going to have to pay to get your car fixed.  If your car is going to be deemed a total loss, know the value of your car before speaking to your insurance company about the total loss payment.

Tippens & Zurosky has represented people involved in uninsured auto accidents and hurt on the job, in North Carolina and South Carolina for over twenty years.  Let us help you deal with the unexpected, and get your life back on track.  Call us toll free at (877) 372-3580, or 704-343-0018 to schedule a consultation so that we may assist you.


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Why Should I Call Tippens & Zurosky? 704-343-0018

Our legal fee is a percentage of your case settlement.  Unlike domestic, or criminal, lawyers, who work on a nonrefundable retainer, there is only a legal fee if we are able to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.

Insurance companies set what is called a reserve for every claim. A reserve is simply the amount of money they think they are going to have to pay to settle your claim. Naturally, if an attorney is involved the reserve is generally set higher to account for the fact that the attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf, and litigate the claim.

We are in the business of dealing with insurance companies, so let us talk to them on your behalf. Insurance adjusters are trained to help save their companies money, and sometimes this is at your expense. Let’s face it if an insurance company can find a way to not pay on a claim, they are going to do so. It’s good business for them and bad news for you.

Many people injured in automobile accidents or injured at work are afraid to get medical treatment because they are afraid that they are going to get stuck with the bill.  We can analyze your case for any risk of denial, and also refer you to chiropractic physicians that will not charge you upfront for their services, and will wait to get paid at the end of the case.

Whether you were on a motorcycle, were a pedestrian, or in a car, we can help you.  We handle rear-end collisions, head-on collisions, intersection, or right-of-way cases, drunk driving, or reckless driving cases, and every other type of automobile accident.  Also, if you were in an auto accident while on the job, we can take care of this for you.

Though our main office is in Charlotte, North Carolina, we represent people injured in automobile accidents that occur all over North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Calling Tippens & Zurosky as quickly as you can after you have been involved in an automobile accident, lets us file your claim with the insurance company, so you don’t have to speak with them.  The sooner we can get involved, the sooner we are able to protect your rights, preserve the evidence, and get you the medical treatment you need.

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