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Can I File Workers’ Compensation If I Was Fired?

They Fired Me!  Can I Still File Workers’ Compensation?

One of the most common misconceptions is that if your employer fires you from your job this either stops workers’ compensation if it has been started, or prevents you from getting any workers’ compensation benefits at all.  Even if you are terminated, your employer may still be responsible for paying your medicals bills, time out of work, and compensation for a permanent injury.  Even though misconception is NOT true, we hear from clients all too often who have told us that their employer fired them, and then told them they cannot file workers’ compensation!  If you are hurt on the job, make sure you get a written accident report if at all possible!  If your employer fires you on the spot, and refuses to assist in getting you medical care, seek the medical care you need, and make sure to tell the medical provider that you got hurt at work!

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So, if you have been hurt on the job and then terminated, seek the medical care you need, and then pick up the phone and call Tippens & Zurosky, so we can be your voice, answer all of your questions, and file your claim!  Tippens & Zurosky has knowledgeable, experienced attorneys certified in North Carolina and South Carolina, who can fight for your rights during this often long and difficult workers’ compensation process.  Call us toll-free at 877-872-3580, or at 704-343-0018, for a free consultation.  Let us help you!