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If You Get Hurt On The Job Do You Need An Attorney?

Perception is Reality

How an employee is perceived by management, and the company in general, sometimes plays a role in how the employee will be treated in his or her workers’ compensation case. Right or wrong, the perception of the injured worker, and the level of dedication, or lack thereof, they bring to the job can affect whether the case is accepted or denied, how quickly medical treatment is authorized, and whether the employee will ultimately return to the job, or be terminated. The employee that shows up every day, works hard at what he or she does, and does not cause any morale, or discipline problems will often be treated better by the workers’ compensation carrier which is getting its’ information from the employer.

Of course, the one absolute is that there are no absolutes. We also hear from twenty year employees of businesses that are fired the same day after getting hurt on the job. Some companies make it an unfortunate part of their business practice to deny workers’ compensation claims that they should have accepted. So, the same perception is reality rule also applies to this situation. If you work at a company where everyone that gets hurt on the job gets fired, and their case get denied, it stands to reason that will happen to you if you get hurt on the job no matter how good of a worker you are, and how long you have been there! In this case, the reality is that you are going to need an attorney.

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