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Can a Manager File For Workers Compensation?

Managers and Supervisors Get Hurt on the Job Too!

In many companies, managers and supervisors have their compensation and bonus structure tied to the amount of accidents that occur on the job on their watch.  So naturally, these managers and supervisors will often discourage their charges from making workers’ compensation claims.  At the very least, they will try to avoid being the one that documents the injury so it won’t fall on them.  But, what happens when managers, or supervisors, get hurt on the job in North Carolina or South Carolina?

Workers’ compensation attorenysUnfortunately, in our experience, we see managers, or supervisors that either, do not report their own injuries for fear of reprisal, or try to work outside medical restrictions and just “tough” it out.  Then, they have a shocking realization when the company that they have been loyal to, is not loyal to them.  The district manager, or owner that they attended company business meetings with, and even considered a friend, no longer take their calls, or answers any emails or text messages.  The reality of the matter is that highly paid employees, such as managers, or supervisors, have high compensation rates that make their workers’ compensation cases very expensive to their company.  So, the company does what is in the best interest of the company, and quite often cuts their losses, and moves on from their loyal employee.  Don’t let this happen to you!

Workers’ compensation cases can be confusing, especially when your company is just doing what is best for it!  You need someone to look out for you, so call Tippens & Zurosky, so we can be your voice, answer all of your questions, and file your claim!  Tippens & Zurosky has knowledgeable, experienced attorneys certified in North Carolina and South Carolina, who can fight for your rights during this often long and difficult workers’ compensation process.  Call us toll-free at 877-872-3580, or at 704-343-0018, for a free consultation.  Let us help you!